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Create A Sustainable Work Culture of Positivity and  Productivity

Recess for Work is a tool businesses can use to target numerous workplace issues that prevent teams from functioning optimally. Many of these issues lead to reduced productivity and creativity and low company morale, negatively impacting the company’s performance. 

Using neuro-backed approaches to target the root cause of these issues, Recess for Work can your team’s most optimal state of productivity every day. The app is designed to allow you and the individual members of your team to feel connected, even if they work remotely. 

As each member of your team works through their personal goals, they begin to feel a boost in their sense of self which has a positive impact on their performance.

To cultivate a deeper connection with the company, challenges are issued, group coaching sessions are offered and individual tasks are linked to the company’s values. 

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Measuring Impact for
your ROI

Recess is built on the foundation of evidence-based research to ensure our results are credible and repeatable. Recess's scientific  team is committed to continuous efficacy research.

Outcomes and Results

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With our  launch strategy, resources, plus ongoing engagement activities, mastermind workshops and support, we are an employee benefits package you can depend on.


3-20 users
Team-wide Shared Goals
Team Challenges
Team Flow Report
Additional 10 seats, Add $25
Choose plan ($45/mo)

Monthly Billing
15% Annual Discount,  $499/year


21-100 users
Company Dashboard
Multi-team Support
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Training & Onboarding
12 Monthly Themed Newsletters
Additional 50 seats, Add $149
Choose plan ($325/mo)

Billed Annually, $3900/year

Add Ons



Add: Flow Coach

Leadership Only


Leadership + Team


Add: In Person Immersive Flow Space

One Time Purchase


Shipping and Handling


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