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What is Bilateral Stimulation?

Bilateral stimulation is stimuli (visual, auditory or tactile) which occur in a rhythmic left-right pattern. BLS is used to activate the whole brain, similar to the function of 'Rapid Eye Movement' (REM) sleep patterns. Bilateral Stimulation facilitates the process of the re-filing of memories into a more efficient and useful place in the brain and body.

Recess uses a combination of auditory and visual BLS within each Flow Session.

In each Flow session:

‚ÄćAuditory bilateral stimulation
 involves listening to tones that alternate between the left and right sides of the head.

Visual bilateral stimulation by simultaneously watching a ball move  from left to right and back again.

BLS is one component of  the Adaptive Information Processing Model on which Recess is based.

Adaptive Information
Processing Model

AIP theory was developed to explain the observed results of EMDR therapy delivered to individuals experiencing trauma and PTSD. The primary aim of AIP model is to use bilateral stimulation to target the dysfunctional memories that are triggered by the users' current life conditions, and transmute them into functional ones by harnessing the natural neural processes of memory consolidation.

BLS for Performance Enhancement

Existing Peak Performance protocol used by therapist and coaches was originally created for use with higher functioning clients in business, performing arts and sport. Focusing on helping individuals become more fully functioning or ‚Äúbetter performers‚ÄĚ in their daily lives.

Specific performance routines are installed using Bilateral brain-based technique that enhance peak performance functioning on demand. Recess uses these scientific methods for performance enhancement within its technology.

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Flow State Psychology

Recess Science
moves beyond standard performance protocol for bilateral stimulation and instead  implements technology based on Flow State Psychology.

Using Flow State Psychology as the target for bilateral processing taps into additional  benefits of Flow;  wellbeing, workplace engagement and team cohesion.

Additionally, Recess's adaptation improves the ability to measure progress and team outcomes through Recess Daily Flow Hack Method for personal performance measurement.  
These data points are used in Recess's Proprietary Flow Hack Recommendation  Algorithm, provide users with most optimal session to get into flow state  on their personal data.
Brain Activation in
Recess's Flow Hack Method
Recess Hacking Flow Method Image