Our Technology

Our neuroscience backed app recommends the most optimal processing session to get you into flow state, based on your specific data points for that day.

How it Works

Recess has designed its technology as a daily guide to help users to re-wire the brain in just 10 minutes a day.

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Our Proprietary Technology

Auditory Bilateral Stimulation

Listen to alternating audio tones from left and right sides of the head while processing.

Eye Movements

Follow ball left and right with eye movement as you re-wire your brain.

Recommendation Algorthim

Get daily session recommendations based on your personalized data points.

Augented Reality

Use of augmented reality technology to facilitate depth of field perception for more effective eye movement.

Virtual Reality

Using in app virtual reality technology for a more immersive, distraction free experience. Found to improve ability to effectively process emotional blocks in session.

Neuroscience backed

Recess lab is backed by leading edge scientific research on performance neuroscience.

Learn more about Recess Science.

App Features

Set top 3 goals from your daily
to do list

Instantly know your daily productivity and flow ratings

Get daily session recommendations based on your data points

Access to unlimited bilateral processing sessions every month

Learn how to re-wire your brain in just 10 mins with guided sessions

Track your progress overtime

Recess App Screen 
Recess app screen
Recess app screenRecess app screenRecess app screen
Recess app screen

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