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Our technology empowers people to overcome emotional blocks, rewire their brains, and achieve optimal performance in their daily tasks.

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About the Technology

Recess app has been found to reduce procrastination, increase focus, and allows users to enter a state of deep concentration and engagement, decrease stress arousal and anxiety, foster self-belief, and help people to set and achieve their goals.

Recess leads to exponential increases in productivity.

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Brain Rewiring Sessions
Access to guided brain rewiring sessions that provide step-by-step instructions  to help you rewire your brain for improved mental fitness and cognitive well-being .
Community Support and Engagement
Connect with a community of like-minded individuals within the Recess app. Engage in discussions, share experiences, and receive support from a supportive community of users on a similar productivity and mental well-being journey.
Goal Tracking and Progress Monitoring
Set daily goals within the app and track your progress over time. Recess provides visualizations and insights into your achievements, keeping you motivated and accountable.
Personalized Session Recommendations
Recess utilizes a recommendation algorithm that takes into account your personalized data points. This feature ensures that you receive daily session recommendations tailored to your specific needs, optimizing your experience and progress.
Science Backed Approach
Recess is rooted in neuroscience research on performance neuroscience. The app incorporates cutting-edge scientific knowledge to provide evidence-based techniques and methodologies. By relying on established scientific principles, Recess ensures that users can trust the effectiveness and credibility of the program.
Performance Analytics and Insights
Gain valuable insights into your cognitive performance, emotional well-being, and productivity through comprehensive analytics provided by Recess. Understand patterns, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your mental performance.

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