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Recess was designed to help you re-rewire your brain and make positive changes in just 10 minutes a day.

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If this is something you can relate to, you’re not alone! Most of us have experienced challenges in our daily lives that stop us from achieving the goals we set for ourselves...But you can change that.

Time to Make a Change

Sometimes it can be tough to show up as your best self

If you’re anything like us, you know what it's like to 

It’s a pretty common feeling… and it sucks. You’ve read all the self-help books, but there’s that extra something that seems to be missing, right?

(I swear we’re not psychic, we’ve just been there too!)

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Put off doing things, no matter how important they are

Get down on yourself for not ‘trying hard enough’

Be filled with anxiety about wasting time

Struggle against mental blocks and negative self-talk 

Constantly fight against distractions

Feel like everyone else has it all figured out… except you…

The last thing you need is more information. What you need is someone to help put that big brain energy into action!

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Our app can actually help you do that!

It's called neuro-tech, but don't worry about the fancy lingo - it just means it's using technology to work with your brain.

Basically, the app will help you process your emotions in a way that frees you up to do your best work.

By dedicating just 10 mins a day you can see astonishing improvements!

Increased Productivity
Increased Capability

I tried the Presence module and my productivity skyrocketed! I needed to complete a few items including a report and presentation. I found I was able to concentrate on a task for longer than usual. Even when I took breaks for social media or to answer messages , my focus was still there! Everything just flowed!

- Sarah Bernard

Hear the science of how Recess helps you achieve sustainable productivity

Matt Swartz
Chief Flow Officer

Recess Helps You
Re-wire Your Brain in 3 Easy Steps…

We’ve talked about ‘flow state and being ‘in the zone’ quite a bit. Curious about what all that means? Check out the guide below!

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From our experience...
you can read all the self-help books and listen to the world of personal development podcasts. But it without re-processing your regulating your nervous will inevitably hit a wall"

Kelz, Lisanne & Matt
Recess Team

Find Out What Users Think About Recess

I experience a lot of physical stress in my job, so I use the peace session a lot. It helps me to locate  faster where I feel my stress during the week. And after using the app I feel more relaxed and aware, it brings me in the moment.

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Harriët Kreeft

Higher Education Policy Consultant

Using Recess everyday has helped me calm my anxiety so that I am able to reach out to more prospective clients in my sales role.

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Alaura Dhanilal

Insurance Advisor & Team Lead Manager

The app was most useful when I found myself actively avoiding tasks that I needed to get done. After using Recess I didn't have the sort of frantic energy I would usually have to complete the task. This time, I got it done calmly.

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Kristopher Gayle

Medical Student

I LOVE this product! I think the immediacy of the shift in experience is the secret sauce. With breathing or meditation you have to use cognitive resources to stop one activity (busy mind) and start the calming techniques. With recess you just put it on and immediate relief!

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Cynthia Harrington, CPA

Managing Director Sagespring Associates

I really enjoy using Recess daily! it has helped increase my productivity performing tasks I typically consider mundane and annoying! I found stellar results after 3 days using the app.

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Anika Repole- Wilson

Managing Director Chic Digital Jamaica

I didn't know what EMDR was before , but now I am super excited about being able to re-wire by brain!

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Marcos dos Santos

Start up founder

After a stressful period that coincided with my having to do important work. The app helped to settle my mind and helped with maintaining concentration.

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Terri-ann Joseph -Braithwaithe

LECTURER and Former Managing Director AMCO, ANSA McAL Ltd

You No Longer Have to Live with the
Anxiety of Missed Deadlines and Goals

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