We envision a future of work, where people everywhere are able to perform at the best version of themselves.

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Who are we?

Recess uses proven neuroscience and psychology to help people have long term sustainable productivity. Our technology re-wires the brain and nervous system so that people can easily overcome the mental and emotional blocks that hold them back daily.

Recess labs Inc is a remote first neuro-technology company. Recess is lead by a team of global experts in psychology, neuroscience and technology.

Why we do it?

Recess is proven to have 10% reduction in stress, 20% increase in focus, 30% feel more able and 30% increase in goal achievement .

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Our Story

Kelz, Lis, and Matt all had similar stories! High achievers with an insatiable desire to be their best self! Like so many they read all personal development books, listened to the latest podcasts, and had therapy or coaching. Lifelong learners, with a lot of knowledge. But yet there was still something missing... They all seem to grow but at some point hit a brick wall.

This wall is our actual biology! After thorough scientific research, they learnt one important fact - without regulating the nervous system you will inevitably hit what we call the Personal Growth Wall. Our journey started as a commitment to make it quick and easy for anyone to rewire their brain and nervous system with nothing more than a cell phone in the comfort of their home.

Just like us, we want you to join us in breaking through your own walls.

These are our stories - maybe you can relate?

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