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Part II : Benefits of Flow State: 10 Reasons Why You Should Get into Flow
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Matt Swartz
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April 25th, 2022

Welcome to Part II of the Ultimate Guide to Flow State: 10 Reasons Why You Should Get into Flow.

If you missed the previous post I highly recommend you read the previous posts before continuing.

if you're ready let's continue...

So you now understand what exactly is Flow State, but what are the benefits of flow? Why does it matter?

The truth is whether you are a high performer looking to excel, or just looking to boost your happiness in your daily life Flow State likely holds the key. The benefits of Flow are numerous, but here are the most pronounced benefits, according to decades of research. Hopefully, you’ll see why we at Recess wants to help you get there:

Top 10 Benefits of Flow State

  1. Increased feelings of enjoyment and fulfillment while in Flow
  2. Increased happiness and joy both inside and after Flow
  3. Increased engagement in the task at hand
  4. Increased passion for the long-term goal
  5. Increased performance and productivity
  6. Increased creativity, this article by BBC highlights just that
  7. Increased ability to develop skills, learn information, and integrate knowledge
  8. Increased emotional regulation of even negative emotional states
  9. Decreased stress both during and after Flow State
  10. Increased report of feelings of connectedness to self and others

Because Flow State brings all these benefits together, it seems obvious that instead of trying to improve each factor independently, the obvious choice is the build and enhance Flow State. Instead of plucking each leaf off the tree, doesn’t it make more sense to just chop the tree down in one go?

That’s the benefit of Flow State – an enduring, sustainable, and pervasive positive state that can affect so many different aspects and areas of our life in a meaningful way.

When in the search of joy, wellbeing, success and fulfillment, Flow State seems the obvious choice. 

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