Recess vs Therapy vs Life Coaching:
What's The Difference?

Therapy, life coaching and Recess have one thing in common - you take part in them to make yourself a better person.
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You’re probably wondering what exactly the difference is between therapy and coaching. Even beyond that I am sure many of you reading this would like to know how an app like Recess actually compares to traditional interventions for your wellbeing.

Let's Talk Therapy!

Of the three, therapy is the one most people think about first. Traditionally therapy helps you explore thoughts, feelings, and issues that are causing problems in your life. Conversations are held in a calm, quiet environment with a focus on communication and empathy.

When it comes to mental health care, therapy is the gold standard. Therapy helps people build positive relationships that can lead to better interactions with others and a greater sense of fulfillment in life. 

In the field of mental health, therapy can be one of the most effective tools. The average number of sessions per year is around 9 or 10. The cost per session is usually $250 to $300 per session which equals to $3000/year on therapy alone!

Due to high cost, many persons access their therapists through their jobs in an Employee Assistance Programme. Others use insurance to cover expenses. Many services online have even created therapist matching platforms that create cost effective packages. Additionally, in most cases, using therapy usually requires a substantial time investment. For many though therapy is still inaccessible simply due to time and cost.

Life Coaching vs Therapy

There are many different approaches to therapy and coaching. While the goal of therapy may be to get you to a better place mentally and leave the past in the past, “life coaching” focuses on the present and teaches you skills that can be used immediately so you can make lasting behavior changes. Although many coaches are trained therapists, coaching does not delve into your past; rather, helps you learn new ways of thinking about your daily life with exercises designed to inspire positive change. 

Instead of trying to solve deep-seated psychological issues or undo painful experiences, coaching techniques teach you how to be authentic instead of hiding from yourself, building confidence so that you can face any challenge and learn from every experience.

Life coaching is a great way to focus on performance and goal setting. Life coaching similar to Recess helps persons create a pathway to achieve their goals.

The challenge however is that both life coaching and therapy require high cost and time investment that many people do not have available.

So... What About Recess?

Recess was created because we wanted to make an option for persons to achieve their goals, perform better that is accessible to everyone! Recess is an evidenced-based self-help app that achieves similar results as coaching and some forms of therapy at a fraction of the cost and time.

In order to make mental fitness  more accessible, the team at Recess embarked on a journey to  create a new model of mental fitness. We believe everyone should have access to the best tools around. This is why we offer our app at the lowest and most affordable option for anyone.

At Recess we believe that people should still access therapy and coaching to help deal with deeper seated issues and problems. But a tool like Recess on its own or in addition to therapy can tremendously make a difference in journeying towards a better version of oneself.

Recess is  a daily companion to help you to reduce stress, increase focus, improve feelings of capability and worth and perform better in just 10 minutes a day. 

Therapy, life coaching and Recess all come with their own pros and cons. The benefits from therapy are mainly long-term, coaching helps provide a framework towards your goals, however there is one clear winner when it comes to cost. 

If a therapist or life coaching is too expensive or if you are looking for immediate results and are not ready to commit a long time to it, using the Recess app  might be right for you.

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